EUSSET Services Series: Summer School

It’s a once in a lifetime experience: the EUSSET CSCW Summer School taking place each year just on the bank of the Lake Como or in the historical town of Bolzano in Northern Italy. The outstanding environment, the leisure atmosphere, and the direct contact between young and experienced researchers make it a place to be for anyone interested in collaboration support or practice-centered computing.

The CSCW Summer School provides young researchers with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of CSCW as a research field and community. The interaction among the participants (both teachers and students) promotes the generation of new ideas and their confrontation with the experiences they have acquired in their field research.

The first EUSSET CSCW Summer School took place in 2015 and since then it definitely became a part of the EUSSET DNA. The next deadline to apply for participation is in May 2021:

If you have any questions concerning the Summer School, do not hesitate to contact the chairs: Antonella di Angeli, Claus Bossen, or Nina Boulus-Rødje via

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