EUSSET is dedicated to building and fostering a lively community that communicates, exchanges, and shares knowledge. You are invited to contribute to this exchange. For this, several services and means to engage with one another have been established.


EUSSET’s flagship conference is the ECSCW. ECSCW is one of the oldest conference series in the field. The first edition was held in 1989 in the UK. However, there are further conferences affiliated with EUSSET.

Summer School

EUSSET organizes a yearly summer school for young researchers (either PhD or Postdoc). The summer school aims to provide a space for young researchers to engage and discuss with senior researchers about the challenges of CSCW research today.

Early-career support.

EUSSET is dedicated to early-career support. A diverse set of activities have been put in place to support our early-career members: we organize events (e.g., early-career lunches) at conferences so that people can meet and establish their own academic network. 

Competence Network

EUSSET has established the Competence Network (CN), which is an expert network that aims to contribute to the development of a human-centered perspective to the design and creation of socially-embedded technologies.

Digital Library

Over 1500 manuscripts, some as old as 1983, are listed and/or made available as Open Access in the EUSSET Digital Library. And the best thing: it is continuously growing – not only in terms of papers made available but also in terms of downloads, searches and interactions.

Community Hub

EUSSET has a dedicated Community Hub. All EUSSET members are invited to meet, share their thoughts, organize circles, groups of interest, or facilitate events affiliated with EUSSET.

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