EUSSET is the European association of researchers interested in socially-embedded technologies. The EUSSET organization is based on inclusiveness, transparency, and democracy.

Research on socially-embedded digital technologies wants to impact society by:

  • Exploring the social situations and practices in which digital technologies are embedded.
  • Developing new methods to engage people in the participatory construction of socially-embedded digital technologies.
  • Contributing to the design of future socially-embedded digital technologies.

The goal of EUSSET is to establish a strong network through a digital library, high-quality events, and an agile organization:

  • The EUSSET Digital Library is open access and publishes research from conferences organized by, or affiliated with EUSSET. The indexing of the DL by Google Scholar will increase the visibility of the EUSSET research, impacting international research as well as European funding schemes.
  • EUSSET is committed to organizing and/or supporting several events each year, including the EUSSET Summer School, and conferences that can be organized by (e.g. ECSCW), affiliated to (e.g.. Communities & Technologies), or friends with (which means mutually supported visibility through logos and links).
  • The organization of EUSSET is structured in a way that allows all members to participate and come up with new ideas that can be implemented rapidly. The EUSSET Steering Committee comprises three elected positions (chair, chair-elect, treasurer), and a flexible number of appointed positions to cover the diverse tasks that EUSSET wants to achieve.

Steering Committee

The EUSSET Steering Committee consists of a core team (chair, chair elect, and treasurer), who are elected every three years by the EUSSET members, and officers who are appointed by the Steering Committee.
You can reach the Core Team via and the whole Steering Committee via


For the history of the movement behind EUSSET see:

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For the history of the European Conference on CSCW (ECSCW) also see:
Editorial to the Proceedings of the First European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

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