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What are your summer reads?

Summer can be a time for long reads, so here are a few suggestions from three members of the Steering Committee to keep you busy. If you want to share reading ideas – log on to the EUSSET social hub and add your reading suggestions to the community building space.

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Welcome to EUSSET!

This is EUSSET

An Introduction

EUSSET strives to be the primary international community devoted to practice-centered computing, linking researchers worldwide. Based upon empirical, design-oriented and system development work in organizations and communities, practice-centered computing has provided concepts and innovative technologies that fit into practice and lead to more efficiency and a higher quality of labor and life by empowering the participants in these endeavors. We – as a community – base our work on and aim to foster inclusiveness, transparency and democracy on all levels.

Our Contribution

A Manifesto

We have entered the Digital Decade. During the previous 10 years, digitalization accelerated and those developments animated debates in the scientific, political and business communities. Participating in the above debates and proposing research and innovation perspectives requires the participation of all the members of our community. This participation will help us strengthen our awareness and develop ideas, viewpoints, theories, systems and methods, creating new and important contributions to debates, providing a unique perspective in research and innovation.

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EUSSET Summer School 2022: Call for Applications
Join this year’s EUSSET Summer School in Bolzano, Italy. It will feature a scientific exchange, socializing, and an inspiring environment. Application deadline is on April 8, 2022:

Multi-sided platforms have increasing impact on how collaboration happens. @BabakFarshchian is proposing the notion of Platform-Supported Cooperative Work to study this impact and phenomena related to it. Read about results of the recent PSCW workshop:


Competence Network

Early Career Support



Digital Libray - Open Access

Summer School


Social Hub & Circles

EUSSET has a dedicated Community Hub. All EUSSET members are invited to meet, share their thoughts, organize circles, groups of interest, or facilitate events affiliated with EUSSET.

Come and join us here.

Online Events


The EUSSET Colloquium, will be running on the second Wednesday of the month.


The EUSSET Get-together, will run on the last Friday of the month and is meant to be a space for informal exchanges.

Summer School

It’s a once in a lifetime experience: the EUSSET CSCW Summer School taking place each year alternating between Lake Como and the historical town of Bolzano in Northern Italy. The outstanding environment, the leisure atmosphere, and the direct contact between students and experienced researchers make it a place to be for anyone interested in collaboration support or practice-centered computing.

ECSCW Conference

ECSCW is the primary venue for exchange concerning the practice-centred computing and the design of cooperation technologies.

Our General Chairs thanking the student volunteers and everyone who helped organize the #ECSCW2022 conference👏 We hope you enjoyed it and have a safe trip home!

#ECSCW2023 will take place in Trondheim, Norway🇳🇴!
Elena Parmiggiani from @NTNUnorway gives us a glimpse of the city and the organizing team. We are looking forward to it already! ✨


Lifetime Achievement Award

2022 – Richard Harper

IISI-EUSSET Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 to Richard Harper. Originally trained as a sociologist but now a computer scientist, Richard Harper is concerned with how new technologies shape us and how we in turn shape our technologies – in the space that is often known as Human-Computer Interaction or HCI. CSCW

2021 – Carla Simone

EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 for Carla Simone We are pleased to announce that Carla Simone receives the 2021 EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award. This way EUSSET and IISI recognize her outstanding contributions to the CSCW research, as well as her long-term engagement within the scientific community. We congratulate Carla to

2020 – Kari Kuutti

IISI-EUSSET Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 to Kari Kuutti We recognize Kari Kuutti this year for the importance of bringing activity theory into systems design and social computing research and his detailed contributions to the field. His work has fostered new directions to work of others for many years, and materially expanded the

Best Paper Award

Inverted Hierarchies on the Shop Floor

The winner of the 2022 David B. Martin Best Paper Award is Frauke Mörike for her paper “Inverted Hierarchies on the Shop Floor: The Organisational Layer of Workarounds for Collaboration in the Metal Industry“. Abstract Workarounds, or practices that deviate from the official pathway to a target, are frequent phenomena in

(Re)Configuring Hybrid Meetings: Moving from User-Centered Design to Meeting-Centered Design

The winners of the 2021 David B. Martin Award are Banu Saatçi, Kaya Akyüz, Sean Rintel, and Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose for their paper “(Re)Configuring Hybrid Meetings: Moving from User-Centered Design to Meeting-Centered Design” (open access via Springer). Find an interview with the first author here. Abstract. Despite sophisticated technologies for

Time Matters: Flexi-time and women’s retention in the 24/7 workplace

The winner of the 2020 David B. Martin Award is Oindrila Matilal for her paper “Time Matters: Flexi-time and women’s retention in the 24/7 workplace” (access via >> EUSSET DL).  Find an interview with the winner here. Abstract. Historically, the ability to exercise agency over the scheduling of working-time has shaped women’s retention in the

EUSSET in Perspective

Kari Kuuti: CSCW is facing a dilemma

EUSSET: Kari, you have been awarded the EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award as announced during the ECSCW 2020. Congratulations! In this interview, we would like to learn more about your personal perspective on the award and on the CSCW research.The award was established to recognize outstanding contributions to the innovation and

Volker Wulf: The success is first of all epistemological

EUSSET: Volker, one of the milestones the history of the European tradition of CSCW was certainly the first, unofficial, ECSCW meeting in London in 1989, nearly 28 years ago. What happened since then?Volker Wulf: I think we have to understand that CSCW is a community which came out of the rather dramatic

Myriam Lewkowicz: We want to attract young researchers

Myriam Lewkowicz is Full Professor in Informatics at Troyes University of Technology (France), where she heads the teaching program “Management of Information Systems”, and the pluridisciplinary research team Tech-CICO (UMR CNRS 6281). Her interdisciplinary research involves defining digital technologies to support existing collective practices or to design new collective activities.

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