CSCW Summer School

Foundations, Methods and Technologies, 7.5 ECTS

EUSSET organizes a yearly summer school for young researchers (either PhD or Postdoc). The summer school aims to provide a space for young researchers to engage and discuss with senior researchers about the challenges of CSCW research today. Alternating between Lake Como and Bolzano in Italy, the summer school provides a wonderful environment for young researchers to meet other researchers at a similar stage of their academic career and to start building their own academic network. 

The first EUSSET CSCW Summer School took place in 2015 and since then it definitely became a part of the EUSSET DNA. The CSCW Summer School provides young researchers with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of CSCW as a research field and community. The interaction among the participants promotes the generation of new ideas and their confrontation with the experiences they have acquired in their field research.

Aims and scope

After the introduction of the acronym CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) in the late 1980’ the themes connected with the understanding of collaborative work practices and the design of artefacts supporting collaboration have become pervasive in many scientific, business and social discourses.
The domains in which CSCW can inform sociotechnical design are constantly growing and changing. This asks for a continuous elaboration of the theoretical foundations of the underpinning disciplines through a reflection on the outcomes of the field studies, on the methods applied in the social and technological investigations and on the impact of the technologies on practices they are made part of. The combination of these perspectives should be the patrimony of any researcher who wants to grasp the complex and subtle issues that are involved in the CSCW research area.





The course will present central themes, methods and discussions within CSCW by experienced scholars in conversations with participants. Full program will be announced after the Call for Participation. Please have a look at the programs from previous courses to get an idea:


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If you have any questions concerning the Summer School, do not hesitate to contact the chairs via

The Scientific Coordinator for the Summer Schools 2022, 2023, and 2024 is
Nina Boulus-Rødje (Roskilde University, Denmark).

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