An overview of EUSSET services and activities relevant for early career researchers

A strategic aim for EUSSET is to support our early career members. If you are doing your PhD, are a postdoc fellow, or are in transition to a tenure position, you might find it valuable to join our early career space at EUSSET community hub (login required).

In addition to our online community space, EUSSET has a set of activities dedicated to early career researchers:

  • EUSSET summer school: This is the “flagship early career event” for PhD students, and is held every August in Italy in idyllic surroundings. You can find more information in the link to summer school on EUSSET website.
  • EUSSET colloquium: These are idea/paper development colloquiums currently held every second Wednesday of the month, from 16:30 – 18:00. Fabiano has procedures in place to take care of confidentiality of your work, so go ahead and join!
  • EUSSET Get-Together: Informal meeting of community members over a cup of coffee, every last Friday of the month, from 16:30- 17:30. Zoom links will be available at EUSSET online platform.
  • Competence Network: All community members are invited to join expert groups where you can offer your expertise to other community members. Please visit our competence network space in EUSSET community hub.

Get involved

In addition to the above, the EUSSET steering committee is interested in new activities and services and we want to get in contact with those of you who would like to be involved. Some of the ideas we presented during the event were:

  • Academic mobility services: creating a form of EUSSET exchange network for our early career members for short and long term stays at other institutes.
  • Community building: In general any new activity that can bring our new members in touch with the community and provide a professional network of colleagues to cooperate with. We are considering low-threshold activities such as seminars about specific topics, or supporting the development of shared publications among our community members.

Other activities: If you have any ideas about how EUSSET can engage with and support early career researchers, please don’t hesitate to join our early career space and participate in the dialog!

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