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Learn more about EUSSET Professional Membership benefits.

With this form you can immediately apply for membership in EUSSET. (See Membership page for more information about how membership works.)

(if you are currently not affiliated with an institution, please state "no affiliation")
Data Privacy Statement of EUSSET: The personal data you enter will be collected, processed, and used by the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies, EUSSET, and the Social Computing e. V., for processing this application. Upon acceptance of your application, information about your membership including your Name, Email, Institution, and Membership Status will be used for managing your membership. This includes: (a) providing you with regular updates about the formal activities of EUSSET via Email (elections, changes in the Steering Committee, general assembly, and further events), (b) reminding you about the status of your membership via Email, (c) confirming the status of your membership to the organizers of affiliated events whenever you declare your EUSSET membership in the registration process for an affiliated event, (d) sharing the status of your membership to the members of EUSSET Steering Committee to provide you with access to the EUSSET infrastructure (e.g., account in the EUSSET Community). Your data will be collected, processed and used based solely on the applicable data protection regulations valid in Germany at the time of your application.

If the form does not work for you, please send the following information by email to to apply for membership:

  • Name, (professional) address, e-mail
  • Membership status (academic or student)

EUSSET is non-profit organization. We clearly respect people privacy (not sharing personal information).

When you apply for the first time, your membership will be until 31th of December the year following the year you applied.

The membership fee for the first year of membership (50€ for academic membership or 35€ for student membership) has to be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

Bank Transfer

In Europe the best way to pay for membership is via bank transfer to the bank account of the EUSSET foundation:

Social Computing e.V. – EUSSET
IBAN: DE37 4605 0001 0002 1569 09

Bank Address:
Sparkasse Siegen, Morleystr. 2, 57072 Siegen, Germany
Bank Account Number: 2156909

Beneficiary Address:
Social Computing e.V. – EUSSET
Julia Krämer
Grüner Weg 5, 57078 Siegen
Tel : +49 (271) 740 – 5065

Please indicate your name and the purpose “EUSSET membership”.

PayPal (including credit card payment)

Academic Membership (50€)

Student Membership (35€)

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