EUSSET Services Series: Conferences

Today, we are starting a new series of posts concerning the services EUSSET offers to its members and to the broader scientific community. And we begin with something very core for building a thriving community: conferences.

EUSSET’s flagship conference is the ECSCW.

ECSCW is one of the oldest conference series in the field. The first edition was held in 1989 in the UK. Since 2017 the conference has taken place each year. It is the primary venue for exchange concerning the practice-centred computing and the design of cooperation technologies.

However, there are further conferences affiliated with EUSSET. The full list is available here, but there is a conference which has been affiliated with EUSSET for several years now:

C&T (Communities and Technologies) being the premier international forum for stimulating scholarly debate on the complex connections between communities and information and communication technologies. The conference takes place every second year.

Furthermore, EUSSET recognizes several related conferences including BritishHCI, CHIRA, or AVI.

The EUSSET Steering Committee discusses issues related to the conferences (primarily ECSCW and C&T) each time it meets which is roughly every month. This involves not only the organizational issues but also the topical orientation and focus of those conferences. If you want to learn the community a bit more, one of the conferences mentioned above will be the best entry.

If you are organizing a conference and would like to affiliate it with EUSSET or you want to volunteer and organize the next ECSCW at your university, do not hesitate to contact the current Conference Planning officer, Annika Wolff.

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