EUSSET Services Series: Competence Network

Among the many community and member services, EUSSET offers a Competence Network featuring many experts in various areas related to practice-centred computing.

If you have a question, a new idea, or an upcoming project and are looking for a sparing partner, a co-author, a mentor, a collaborator, or a consultant, the Competence Network will be the optimal source of expertise. Just have a look at the many expertise areas covered by various members of the network.

While some Competence Network members introduce themselves in short videos, others provide an abstract of their interests, or refer the visitors to their website. Having a look can be inspiring in itself.

If you feel like contacting a member of the Competence Network, do not hesitate to drop them a line. If you want to contribute your expertise to EUSSET members and the wider community, contact the Competence Network Officers: Fabiano Pinatti and Giorgio De Michelis. They will be happy to assist you.

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