EUSSET met virtually with Frauke Mörike to discuss the paper “Inverted Hierarchies on the Shop Floor: The Organisational Layer of Workarounds for Collaboration in the Metal Industry“, awarded the 2022 David B. Martin Best Paper Award during ECSCW 2022. EUSSET: Frauke, your paper “Inverted Hierarchies on the Shop Floor: TheREAD MORE

Summer can be a time for long reads, so here are a few suggestions from three members of the Steering Committee to keep you busy. If you want to share reading ideas – log on to the EUSSET social hub and add your reading suggestions to the community building space.READ MORE

The winner of the 2022 David B. Martin Best Paper Award is Frauke Mörike for her paper “Inverted Hierarchies on the Shop Floor: The Organisational Layer of Workarounds for Collaboration in the Metal Industry“. Abstract Workarounds, or practices that deviate from the official pathway to a target, are frequent phenomena inREAD MORE

IISI-EUSSET Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 to Richard Harper. Originally trained as a sociologist but now a computer scientist, Richard Harper is concerned with how new technologies shape us and how we in turn shape our technologies – in the space that is often known as Human-Computer Interaction or HCI. CSCWREAD MORE

On Wednesday 12th January 2022, I attended the EUSSET Colloquium on CSCW Theories and Concepts and found myself intrigued by, and involved in, a discussion on Gender as a CSCW Concept, led by Ina Wagner. Having read the recommended reading before attending I was excited to hear Ina’s thoughts onREAD MORE

Digitalization and Personal Health Data - InfraHealth 2021

How do infrastructures in healthcare play a role in the transformative process of digitalization? What are the critical perspectives on the evolution and utilization of digital infrastructures for personal health data and how digitalization practices emerged during the pandemic? These were some of the key themes of the InfraHealth 2021,READ MORE

Announcing ECSCW 2022

We are happy to announce that the 20th edition of ECSCW will take place in Coimbra, Portugal from June 27th to July 1st 2022. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Informatics Engineering, within the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra. – We have a wonderful organizing committee in placeREAD MORE

Transferable UX – Join the Discussion 1

The rapid proliferation of digitization at work often leads to increased use of apps and digital systems required to perform a task at hand. Each additional app augments the burden on end-users. Aiming at approaching the challenges of digitalization from a holistic work perspective, we envision that the transferable UXREAD MORE

Revisiting Centres of Coordination

Special Issue in the JCSCW on Moving Back to the Control Room – Revisiting Centres of Coordination In this call we ask for innovative studies of collaboration in control rooms and reflections on the consequences of recent technological and organizational developments on the control rooms of today. Some of theREAD MORE

infraHEALTH 2021 – Reshaping Healthcare 

We look forward to bringing together researchers on Information Technologies, Healthcare and the Social Sciences for the 8th International Conference on Infrastructures in Healthcare 2021 READ MORE