Your favourite CSCW journal has arrived

The latest edition of the CSCW journal just hit the shelves. For obvious reasons there is plenty to read for anyone interested in CSCW.

The seven articles – a number of which will be presented at the ECSCW Conference in Trondheim – span different topics, though centering around classic CSCW themes.

Two papers address civic engegement. Menendez-Blanco & Bjørn present a study on civic technologies for participatory budgeting, more specifically the platform Decide Madrid. In another paper Pinatti de Carvalho et al. apply the lens of infrastructuring to the European Social Forum and the nomadic practices of the network.

Also present is the theme of participatory design. Slingerland et al. look at what they call distributed place-making, focusing on a group of Irish high school students. In a rather different case Hansson & Näslund Dahlgren study at how participatory techniques are used in museum contexts. The authors investigase two museums in the US that have opposite participatory strategies for enriching images with metadata.

A more specialised case of visualisation is discussed in the paper by Panagiotidou et al. This paper draws on the critical data discourse and look at how frictions around data visualisation arise and are negotiated in an interdiscipliary research team.

A different take on experts can be found in the paper by Borsotti & Bjørn where they study humor in a computer science organisation, focusing on how negative stereotypes creates barriers for inclusion.

One of the elusive challenges we discovered was the ways in which stereotyped narratives surface in the departmental enactment of humor and jokes embedded into traditional institutional practices and everyday interactions.

Borsotti & Bjørn

Finally, Wang et al. look at the proliferating phenonema of Live Stream Shopping and how streamers act as intermediaries between merchants and consumers.

So, when you’re done reading, just finish that paper of yours and press submit – the next edition is waiting.

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