Transferable UX – Join the Discussion 1

The rapid proliferation of digitization at work often leads to increased use of apps and digital systems required to perform a task at hand. Each additional app augments the burden on end-users. Aiming at approaching the challenges of digitalization from a holistic work perspective, we envision that the transferable UXREAD MORE

Revisiting Centres of Coordination

Special Issue in the JCSCW on Moving Back to the Control Room – Revisiting Centres of Coordination In this call we ask for innovative studies of collaboration in control rooms and reflections on the consequences of recent technological and organizational developments on the control rooms of today. Some of theREAD MORE

infraHEALTH 2021 – Reshaping Healthcare 

We look forward to bringing together researchers on Information Technologies, Healthcare and the Social Sciences for the 8th International Conference on Infrastructures in Healthcare 2021 READ MORE

The EUSSET steering committee organized an online event for early career researchers during ECSCW 2021. The event was attended by approximately 20 people, in addition to the three of us who organized it. The focus for the meeting was to provide an introduction to EUSSET to our new members ofREAD MORE