“Social Computing e.V.” is a German association, founded on November 13th 2012 in Bonn, Germany and moved to Siegen on November 21st 2017 (Nordrhein-Westfalen Amtsgericht Siegen VR 6513).

The purpose of the association the promotion of interdisciplinary research, development and publication in applied information technology, particularly in the field of interdependency between technical applications and social systems. One core area of activities is in supporting European and international scientific cooperation. (§2(1) of the articles of association)

The board (and chair) of Social Computing e.V. is elected by the members of Social Computing e.V.

Membership in EUSSET is decoupled from membership in Social Computing e.V. – i.e. becoming member of EUSSET is not equivalent to becoming member of Social Computing e.V.

Currently (May 2017), the board consists of

  • Chair: Volker Wulf
  • Treasurer: Julia Krämer

For more information on the association see the articles of association of Social Computing e.V. (PDF, in German).

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