Assistant Professor, University of Siegen, Germany / Careum Health Research, Zurich, Switzerland

Main areas of expertise

– Practice-based design
– Ethnography and action research
– Participatory design
– Ageing societies
– Digital literacy
– Gerontechnology
– Socio-informatics

Types of service and support

– Mentoring
– Paper and proposals writing
– Talks

Further info

I am professor in Information Systems at University of Siegen and at Careum Health Research, Zürich. It is my passion to build bridges between the fields of applied informatics, health and aging research. As a socio-informatics person, I pursue praxeological and participatory approaches in human and practice-oriented IT design. My research interests and fields are Participatory Design, community informatics, Ageing at home, AAL, IT support for social participation and empowerment in health & aging domains, and sustainable design work. As deputy chairperson of the expert commission of the Eighth Report on Ageing of the Federal Government of Germany I also strive to bring gerontological concepts, e.g. images of age and ageing, digital (health) literacy and self-positioning into the field of applied informatics/HCI/socio-informatics.


Claudia.Mueller [at]

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