EUSSET brings together a group of experienced researchers and practitioners committed to advancing the understanding of how digital technologies mediate and affect human practices, cultures and organisations, and how better technologies for complex settings can be designed as a result. 

Our members hold significant expertise that might benefit funding bodies, national and international policy organisations, research and development projects, companies, universities and research centres.

With respect to EUSSET members, CN experts can give advice in their areas of competence as follows – providing their availability:

  • Commenting draft articles, research proposals and research actions
  • Contributing to research actions 
  • Delivering speeches 
  • Mentoring

With respect to non-members of EUSSET, CN experts can give advice, in their areas of competence, as follows:

  • Informing about the approaches and results of people-centred approaches in the design and development of digital systems 
  • Contributing to research programs, research projects and research theorisations with people-centred approaches, either informally or serving as consultants 
  • Sitting at review committees to bring a people-centred view to the evaluation of ongoing projects concerning the design and development of embedded systems
  • Delivering speeches on EUSSET themes in university seminars, scientific conferences and/or public events

The services delivered by the members of the EUSSET CN members are generally free. However, any travel expenses that members may have for the delivery of the service are in charge of the receiver of the service. Furthermore, if the engagement of the member is going beyond pure advice assuming the aspect of a professional engagement, as for example through the provision of consultancy, then the terms of the service should be negotiated directly with the member providing it.

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