Call for proposals to host ECSCW 2018, 2019, 2020

We wish to invite the community to prepare proposals to host ECSCW 2018, ECSCW 2019, and ECSCW 2020 at European locations.

“ECSCW – The International conference on Practice-centred computing and the Design of cooperation technologies” is a series of conferences on computer-supported cooperative work located in Europe. From 2018 and onwards, ECSCW and COOP will merge and become an annual conference held in late May/early June under the aegis of EUSSET – The European Society for Socially-Embedded Technologies (

The ECSCW conference is an important venue for defining and further develop the agenda of CSCW research with a focus on the in-depth understanding of human practices and on the design of cooperation technologies based on such understanding.
ECSCW is a single-track conference that contributes to developing an interdisciplinary ECSCW community. The conference format aims to facilitate critical discussion across disciplinary and national borders in the field.

The ECSCW full papers will be published in the CSCW Journal (, while Exploratory Papers will be published on the EUSSET Digital Library (

Expected duties of the ECSCW general chair(s) include: overseeing the overall organisation of the event; putting in place local arrangements for the conference and pre-conference events (booking rooms, catering, registration desk, etc.); assembling an organising committee (in consultation with the EUSSET steering group); liaising with the chairs of specific submission venues and with the members of the organising committee; budgeting and monitoring the financial status of the conference; helping in promoting the conference in collaboration with the other committee members and with EUSSET.

The timeline for ECSCW 2018 is as follows (the same timeline is to be applied to subsequent years):

  • First week in November 2017: Full Papers Submission deadline
  • Second week in December 2017: submission deadline for other venues (workshops; doctoral colloquium; masterclasses; panels; posters and demos)
  • Second week in January 2018: Notifications due to authors for Full Papers. Full papers that are given a “major revisions” or “minor revisions” verdict are invited to resubmit an improved version
  • Last week in January 2018: Exploratory Papers Submission deadline
  • Last week in January 2018: notifications due for other venues (workshops; doctoral colloquium; masterclasses; panels; posters and demos)
  • Second week in March 2018: Resubmission deadline for Full Papers
  • Last week in March 2018: Notifications due to authors of Exploratory Papers. Exploratory papers are either accepted or rejected. Small additional edits may be requested for accepted exploratory papers before publication
  • First Week in April 2018: Final Full Papers reviews due to authors. Full Papers that now qualify for acceptance are notified. Small additional edits may be requested.
  • End of April 2018: Final Full Papers to be submitted for production.
  • End of april 2018: Camera ready of Exploratory Papers to be submitted for publication in the EUSSET digital library
  • Late May/Early June 2018: ECSCW 2018 conference

Proposals to host the ECSCW conference should include:

  • Which year the proposal refers to (2018, 2019 or 2020);
  • A brief description of the proposed host organization;
  • Committee plans: the general co-chair(s) must be specified and described through short biographical sketches. Additional information on suggested scientific chairs is welcome, if available;
  • Description of the proposed venue: Describe the conference location and facilities, as well as availability of accommodation options, travel infrastructure, location attractions and potential social/leisure activities;
  • Any other relevant issues: for example, any proposed innovations, additional information on venue/location, link to other events/activities organised by the proposed hosts, etc.

The forthcoming ECSCW 2018, 2019, and 2020 conferences will be assigned by the EUSSET Steering Group to hosts selected on the basis of:

  • Their international scientific and service reputation;
  • Their and the hosting institution’s potential to further the European CSCW community, to strengthen its links to the global CSCW community, and to sustain the future of the conference series;
  • Previous experience in event organisation;
  • Attractiveness of the venue and location.

Proposals should be sent by the 1st of December 2016 to:

Notifications will be sent to proposers no later than 31st of January 2017.

Queries regarding the submission and selection process should be sent to:

On behalf of the EUSSET Steering Committee, the unbrella organization behind the ECSCW Conferences

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