Katka Černá

Katka Cerna, PhD, is a researcher interested in learning and participatory design currently within the sustainability area. She uses ethnographic and participatory approaches to understand learning and design to enable people to take the actions they need in the more-than-human world.
Digital ecologies

How can the concept of digital ecologies help us understand the challenges faced by older adults going online? In this second post from a series about the ACCESS project and how we went online with older adults during a pandemic, I will present the problem of digital ecologies. Or rather,READ MORE

Aging Research in CSCW during a Pandemic

We live in an aging society – with increasing longevity and improvements of care, globally, people live longer. However, a longer life does not automatically mean a more satisfied life. Many older adults suffer from an increasing isolation, lack of caring (both professional and personal) relationships. Digital technologies hold theREAD MORE