Gender and Uncertainties – glimpses from the Summer School 2021

The Fifth International Summer School on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) held in Como, Italy gave us an opportunity to deepen our understanding of CSCW as a research field. The experienced scholars of CSCW focused on building the understanding of collaborative work practices and the design of artefacts supporting collaborationREAD MORE

Digital ecologies

How can the concept of digital ecologies help us understand the challenges faced by older adults going online? In this second post from a series about the ACCESS project and how we went online with older adults during a pandemic, I will present the problem of digital ecologies. Or rather,READ MORE

Transferable UX – Join the Discussion 1

The rapid proliferation of digitization at work often leads to increased use of apps and digital systems required to perform a task at hand. Each additional app augments the burden on end-users. Aiming at approaching the challenges of digitalization from a holistic work perspective, we envision that the transferable UXREAD MORE

Aging Research in CSCW during a Pandemic

We live in an aging society – with increasing longevity and improvements of care, globally, people live longer. However, a longer life does not automatically mean a more satisfied life. Many older adults suffer from an increasing isolation, lack of caring (both professional and personal) relationships. Digital technologies hold theREAD MORE


The 19th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work took place in the middle of June 2021. Even though we would love to see each other in person again, unfortunately, also this year, we had to switch to the online format. Thanks to the incredible support of our conference chair inREAD MORE

EUSSET Services Series: Summer School 1

It’s a once in a lifetime experience: the EUSSET CSCW Summer School taking place each year just on the bank of the Lake Como in Northern Italy. The outstanding environment, the leisure atmosphere, and the direct contact between young and experienced researchers make it a place to be for anyoneREAD MORE

EUSSET Services Series: Digital Library 2

Over 1500 manuscripts, some as old as 1983, are listed and/or made available for free in the EUSSET Digital Library: https://dl.eusset.eu/. While most of the publications come from the core EUSSET conferences (ECSCW, C&T) and affiliated European conferences on CSCW and HCI, the Digital Library offers access to manuscripts fromREAD MORE

EUSSET Services Series: Competence Network

Among the many community and member services, EUSSET offers a Competence Network featuring many experts in various areas related to practice-centred computing. If you have a question, a new idea, or an upcoming project and are looking for a sparing partner, a co-author, a mentor, a collaborator, or a consultant,READ MORE

EUSSET Services Series: Conferences

Today, we are starting a new series of posts concerning the services EUSSET offers to its members and to the broader scientific community. And we begin with something very core for building a thriving community: conferences. EUSSET’s flagship conference is the ECSCW. ECSCW is one of the oldest conference seriesREAD MORE