Yes, a new issue of your favorite CSCW journal has arrived (Volume 32, Issue 3) – with no less than ten contributions exploring various aspects of practice-based computing. At the heart of our digital designs are the voices and interests of those we seek to serve. Two papers in particularREAD MORE

The shopfloor takes the main stage of the latest special issue of the Springer journal for CSCW (vol 34, issue 1).  The theme of the special issue is cooperation on the shopfloor. The papers revolve around  coordination and knowledge sharing. The editos take a somewhat critical stance towards the visionsREAD MORE

Complexity of Care Networks  – Can a Taxonomy of Collaboration Complexity in Homecare Support Technology Adoption? There is a huge knowledge base and great research interest in the field of care and care networks. Many studies have defined the nature of care giving as cooperative work (Procter et al., 2014;READ MORE

Under the hot sun of Portugal and in the cool rooms of a beautiful former church, we gathered for a ECSCW 2022 workshop on CSCW and Algorithmic Systems. Instead of considering algorithms or data in a narrow technical sense, our workshop focused on algorithmic systems and their increasing role in societyREAD MORE

View of Coimbra from the ocean.

Author: Richard Paulch What can different disciplines say about learning and negotiation, using robots as an example? Here we discuss the experiences gathered during the workshop “Robots in heterogeneous contexts: Negotiation of co-creative lifelong learning spaces through participatory approaches”. The workshop was integrated into the 20th European Conference on Computer-SupportedREAD MORE

The latest edition of the CSCW journal just hit the shelves. For obvious reasons there is plenty to read for anyone interested in CSCW. The seven articles – a number of which will be presented at the ECSCW Conference in Trondheim – span different topics, though centering around classic CSCWREAD MORE

More than one research paper starts by reflecting upon the ever increasing speed of technological development. Yet, many challenges posed by technology have been with us for a long time. Thus, re-reading studies from the early days of CSCW research can be intriguing. What were the challenges four decades ago?READ MORE

This summer I read a classic novel. John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath earned him a Nobel prize in literature. The book was controversial when it came out. It was labeled as communist propaganda. It was burned and forbidden. It was even challenged in court as late as 1986 forREAD MORE

EUSSET met virtually with Frauke Mörike to discuss the paper “Inverted Hierarchies on the Shop Floor: The Organisational Layer of Workarounds for Collaboration in the Metal Industry“, awarded the 2022 David B. Martin Best Paper Award during ECSCW 2022. EUSSET: Frauke, your paper “Inverted Hierarchies on the Shop Floor: TheREAD MORE

Today, 22.08.2022, the EUSSET CSCW Summer School started for the first time in beautiful Bolzano, Italy. The whole week early career researchers have the opportunity to learn more about the background of Computer Supported Cooperative Work, to discuss with important figures of this discipline and to network with each other.READ MORE