Are you an early career researcher, a PhD student or a Post Doc fellow working within areas related to practice-based computing? The EUSSET community offers opportunities for you to get involved in community services and build your academic network. Join us in the ECSCW 2022 early career event and inREAD MORE

On Wednesday 12th January 2022, I attended the EUSSET Colloquium on CSCW Theories and Concepts and found myself intrigued by, and involved in, a discussion on Gender as a CSCW Concept, led by Ina Wagner. Having read the recommended reading before attending I was excited to hear Ina’s thoughts onREAD MORE

Challenges and opportunities for Early Career Researchers 1

Last year we organized an online early career event during the ECSCW 2021 conference. The event was attended by approximately 20 people, in addition to the three of us who organized it. The focus for the meeting was to provide an introduction to EUSSET to our new members of theREAD MORE

On EUSSET Summer School 2021 – The reason of why we are here again 10

Following the tradition of many colleagues in the past I applied for the Fifth International Summer School on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) in Como on my journey to a PhD. Filled with the knowledge of several icons of CSCW, including Dave Randall, Kjeld Schmidt, Ina Wagner, Nina Boulus-Rødje, ClausREAD MORE

Digitalization and Personal Health Data - InfraHealth 2021

How do infrastructures in healthcare play a role in the transformative process of digitalization? What are the critical perspectives on the evolution and utilization of digital infrastructures for personal health data and how digitalization practices emerged during the pandemic? These were some of the key themes of the InfraHealth 2021,READ MORE

Didactic Prototypes

How can prototyping support learning? In this third post from a series about the ACCESS project and how we went online with older adults during a pandemic I will present the topic of didactic prototypes. There are two different types of learning taking place during participatory design processes. First, thereREAD MORE

Platform-Supported Cooperative Work 2

How do platforms affect cooperation in traditional institutions such as healthcare, education, banking, public services etc.? Studying gig platforms like Uber, Upwork, and Amazon Mechanical Turk is quite popular among CSCW researchers. These platforms create new conditions for cooperation. But what does this platform model mean for cooperative work beyond the gig platforms?READ MORE

Gender and Uncertainties – glimpses from the Summer School 2021

The Fifth International Summer School on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) held in Como, Italy gave us an opportunity to deepen our understanding of CSCW as a research field. The experienced scholars of CSCW focused on building the understanding of collaborative work practices and the design of artefacts supporting collaborationREAD MORE

Digital ecologies

How can the concept of digital ecologies help us understand the challenges faced by older adults going online? In this second post from a series about the ACCESS project and how we went online with older adults during a pandemic, I will present the problem of digital ecologies. Or rather,READ MORE

Transferable UX – Join the Discussion 1

The rapid proliferation of digitization at work often leads to increased use of apps and digital systems required to perform a task at hand. Each additional app augments the burden on end-users. Aiming at approaching the challenges of digitalization from a holistic work perspective, we envision that the transferable UXREAD MORE