EUSSET General election – Call for candidates and volunteers 

EUSSET holds a general election each three years for the chair-elect and the treasurer. Together with the chair, the three of them form the EUSSET core team who then nominate all the other steering committee members ( The steering committee meets once a month to discuss and make decisions about the current and future activitites of the EUSSET community. 

Please consider being a candidate (for an elected position) or to volunteer (for an appointed position)!! 

EUSSET officers hold office for 3 years. Office holders can nominate themselves for a second term and be re-elected/re-appointed. Their appointment may be extended beyond two terms in special circumstances at the discretion of the Steering Committee. Officers who will be elected/nominated this year will run for 2024-2025-2026 term. 

Candidates (for elected position) and volunteers (for appointed positions) may be nominated (it is ok to self-nominate!) from 15 February to 15 March 2023 via email to

Voting for the upcoming election is scheduled from 20 March to 05 May 2023. An invitation for the vote will be sent to all EUSSET members who are up to date with their registration fee. To check your membership, renew it or become a member of EUSSET go here:

Results will be announced during ECSCW 2023 (05-09 June).              

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