Nurturing the EUSSET Community: New Online Events

EUSSET truly cares about its community and is very committed to nurture it. As part of our community building activities, we are starting two series of online events to bring our members together under different conditions and circumstances.

The first of them, the EUSSET Colloquium, will be running on the second Wednesday of the month from 16:30 until 18:00 CET (CEST in the summer time) and has been thought as a forum where our members will be able to engage in deep intellectual exchanges for the development of research ideas and agendas. The second, the EUSSET Get-together, will run on the last Friday of the month between 16:00 and 17:00 CET (CEST in the summer time) and is meant to be a space for informal exchanges and serendipitous encounters. It is also though as an instrument to make the voice of community members heard and to bridge the community to the EUSSET Steering Committee.

The EUSSET Colloquium

Each EUSSET Colloquium will feature two discussion ideas proposed by members of the community and each idea will be dedicated a 40-min discussion time. Proponents of discussion topics should submit a 5-min recorded video presentation in advance together with any additional material that they would like to share with the community. This material will be used to kick start the discussions. Meetings will happen over Zoom and people interested in participating are required to enrol to the event. Confidentiality and conflicts of interest will be handled by the Community Building chair. You can find more information on the format and how to participate here.

The EUSSET Get-together

The EUSSET Get-together begins with participants being assigned to break-out rooms with a maximum of five people. The topics of the conversations and exchanges will be defined by the participants themselves – i.e., participants should talk about whatever interest them. Discussions on potential demands to EUSSET – e.g., new services for the community – are very welcome. After 30 minutes, all participants will convene in a plenary room. Each break-out room group will have the opportunity to share with the other participants the issues they have discussed and find synergies with other participants. Discussions started in the Get-together can be further developed in the Community Building space of the EUSSET Hub will be very welcome. More information on the how to join the get-together events is available in the abovementioned Community Building space.

We are really looking forward to your participation! =)

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