2021 – Carla Simone

EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 for Carla Simone

We are pleased to announce that Carla Simone receives the 2021 EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award. This way EUSSET and IISI recognize her outstanding contributions to the CSCW research, as well as her long-term engagement within the scientific community. We congratulate Carla to the award!

Carla Simone was a Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca until 2015. Her main research interests show the combination of theoretical and empirical investigations with the application of their results to the design of technological support of human activities. Her main focus is on computer-based support of cooperative work and knowledge sharing within application domains such as Design, Healthcare, Ageing, Cultural Heritage and Networked Communities. Her work pays specific attention to the malleability of such technologies and on the active role of the end-users in their construction.

Carla’s research activities have been carried on in several research projects at the European and Italian level. She has published numerous journal papers, book chapters, and conference papers in renowned venues.

Carla’s work with Kjeld Schmidt on “coordination mechanisms” contributed to the establishment of the conceptual foundations of CSCW. A coordination mechanism is a specific organizational construct, consisting of a coordinative protocol imprinted upon a distinct artifact, which, in the context of a certain cooperative work arrangement, stipulates and mediates the articulation of cooperative work so as to reduce the complexity of articulation work of that arrangement. (Schmidt/Simone 1996: 180)

She has been Chair and Program Associated Chair of several ACM Conferences such as CSCW and Group; she has also been actively engaged in the organization and in the scientific program of the European CSCW and Group conferences. She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the CSCW Journal. She is a founding member of the European Association for Socially Embedded Technologies, and has chaired the EUSSET Summer school since its creation in 2015.

The award ceremony will take place during ECSCW 2021, on Friday, June 11. Register for the conference to join the ceremony and listen to Carla’s talk: https://ecscw.eusset.eu/2021/.

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