EUSSET Free Membership Application

To pursue the vision of EUSSET as an open and inclusive community, the Steering Committee has launched the option to register for a one-year membership free of charge for those who might need it. This should not only support those who experience hardship to take the paid membership into account, but also contribute to the overall diversity of EUSSET and develop it to a platform for an exchange across any geographical or societal boundaries. 

To apply for the free membership, please fill out this registration form:

If you want to support the vision of EUSSET as an inclusive scientific organisation, please consider the paid membership:
A membership in EUSSET offers the following benefits:

– access to ECSCW, as well as affiliated conferences and other events at a reduced price or for free (depends on the event): 

– access to the EUSSET CSCW Summer School: 

– right to run for offices within EUSSET and to elect officers: 

– possibility to act as an expert in EUSSET Competence Network and interact with other members of the Competence Network: 

– access to the online EUSSET community for regular and vibrant exchange among the members:

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