European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies.

EUSSET - An Introduction

EUSSET is a networked organizational forum  dedicated to the development of technological tools and infrastructures that incorporate a human-centred design perspective.

As new  technologies become an increasingly interwoven aspect of our everyday lives, it has become apparent that traditional methods for systems design often lack the detailed understanding of aspects of human, social and cultural life that is required.

The separation between the social and the technical in our thinking generally,  especially in our academic programmes and business models,  has bequeathed us a landscape littered with unusable systems, systems that are impossible to maintain, and systems that often people find coercive.

EUSSET has been conceived as an antidote to this situation. The members  of EUSSET come from a variety of organizations and disciplines, but they share  a passion for  developing  a range of more integrative, interdiscipinary approaches to the design, development and use of  new technologies for work, home and play.

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